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About Vijaya Building Materials

Vijaya Building Materials are pioneers in design, manufacture and execution of Precast Concrete Systems, Elements and Concrete Prefab technology for the Construction Industry.

The concept and the design of precast concrete system and elements have been evolved and perfected by team of specialist by their  continuous R&D efforts to achieve highest strength to weight ratio in all their products and to save 30% on cost and more than 50% in time by adapting composite concrete technology.

Vijaya Group having wide range of activities like civil construction, electroplating, building materials & marketing.
The group consists of professionals with expertise in manufacturing technology. Research and Deve lopment is the day  to day activity of the group.

Vijaya Building Materials  has been pioneers in  developing and introducing technologies  like Pre-Cast Roofing Systems for small buildings, Pre-Cast Lintels and Chejjas and Light weight roofing systems. The main aim of Vijaya Building Materials is to offer products of High Quality at affordable   cost.  Vijaya  group  has innovated many exotic products in Civil Engineering & Electroplating.